DISPATCHING - Our dispatching board is the easiet in the industry. It's color coded to help you determine what status a job or tech is in. The dispatch screen allows you to see a list of jobs for a current date or use a vast array of filter options to narrow or broaden your job list. Actions such as dispatching a job, viewing related invoices or examining customer details can be performed directly from the dispatch board.

SERVICE ORDER ENTRY - The Service Order Entry module is where all new jobs start. Job information can be changed, tracked, rescheduled, or canceled in Service Order Entry. Service Order Entry handles all daily reports, Quick Purchase Order management and customer surveys. An interactive view of all technicians’ daily schedules is available as well. This module is multi-user and unlimited number of users can be using this module at the same time.

CASH RECEIPTS - Keep your accounts receivables up to date. All payments received from your billing customers are posted to unpaid invoices. Print Statements that accurately reflect your customer’s balances.

INVOICING - Invoicing is fully integrated with Service Order Entry and Dispatching. All job information is automatically brought forward into Invoicing. This important process is the last time your staff needs to handle the paperwork generated by your technicians. All data entered here automatically posts all accounting entries for commission reports, sales reports, job costing reports, general ledger and financial reporting. Since Invoicing is considered the final step when Dispatch Pro updates all accounting information, erroneous data, such as incorrect invoice numbers or hours worked on a job can be corrected here. This final step makes your accounting department fully responsible for the accuracy of the data.

CUSTOMER MAINTENANCE – Create new customers or maintain basic customer information as needed. Track how your customer hears about your services using the Customer Source. All employees using Dispatch Pro are set up as users. You control how they access your databases. Authorize who can view, change and/or update your business data. Assign a number to every technician for easy access. This data is comprised of personal data, such as address and hire date; paging data such as cell phone number; commission rates and skill levels. Establish monthly revenue goals for incentive programs used in Dispatch Pro. Assign Skill Levels so dispatchers know the skill set for techs when sent to job sites. You define up to 10 different skills, rated from 1 to 5 and assign to each technician.

ELECTRONIC BIG BOARD - The Electronic Big Board will retire the white board you may use in you company today. This automated board gives you one more method to motivate your technicians! The Electronic Big Board gathers all your sales information and presents it on one window highlighting your Number One technician. Inspire friendly competition amongst your technicians by goal setting & displaying individual or team information using your Big Board!

INTERNET PAGING FEATURE - Dispatch Pro uses email products such as Outlook Express to send pager messages via the Internet, monitoring the network every 15 seconds for new messages. Electronically send your technician to a job site in the Dispatch program with the touch of one key - touch one more key and within 60 seconds your technician has all the information he needs displayed on his cell phone, PDA or pager.

SPECIAL REPORTING - Commission, Company Sales & Individual Tech Sales, Estimate & Call Back Analysis, Incoming Call/Open Job, CSR Reports just to name a few!


Check the Dispatch Pro Dowloadable Manuals here:
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